1993 Installation. 2 objects of paper, 4 slide projectors, acrylic glass, sound, 10 collages

Sculptural objects made of collaged paper, audio elements as well as text and photo documents tell the tale of two women who are especially close to me: my mother and an old lady who I got to know in Düsseldorf in 1992. Both life histories are typical of their generation, shaped by war, escape, repression and family tragedies. The traces of these stories are today largely preserved in paper form: letters, photos, newspapers and personal documents communicate a complex character profile. Slide projectors beam images of the women onto the paper objects. Panes of plexiglass in the projection field highlight individual details, faces, letter texts, house numbers, etc; at another position the images reach directly the object made of wartime newspapers and other paper. The women's identities reveal themselves in association, and stand here as representatives for an entire generation. The images are accompanied by tape recordings of the woman from Düsseldorf, who trained as an opera piper.

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