2003 Video installation. 2 video projectors, 2 DVD players, 4 active loudspeakers,
2 projection screens of perspex stripes: 3,8 x 2 x 0,4 m

Two persons, a man and a woman, wander the streets and public spaces of a city. Sometimes their paths cross, but they never meet. The camera follows them from morning till night. The town is Dublin. The length of the story is one day, reduced to about half an hour of playing time. An undefined expectation is in the air: the expectation of an encounter, of a climax. But it doesn’t happen. The man and woman are circling around in an uneventful loop, each of them in their own world, alone and passive. Like a magnetic force between the two protagonists the colour red dominates the whole video picture. The colour of the video is reduced and the images dyed in red. The intensity of the colour red reacts to the distance between the man and the woman.

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